Post Card

Delivered by mail to homes and businesses. An effective marketing campaign for new and existing customers. Just tell us what area or people you want to target and we'll do the rest, saving you time, money and effort.

Custom Targeted Direct Mail
Want to increase the ROI (Return on Investment)? Our custom targeted list can help you out. Our database has the specific business and consumer list to target your potential customers. Depending on the specialty of your business, you can choose to send direct mailings residentially or commercially. If you choose residentially, you can target your customers by age group, income level, and/or by family size, etc. If your business targets commercial groups, then your direct mailings can be sent to groups based on their title, type of business and/or gross sale, etc. This allows you to have full control in attracting the kinds of customers you want for your business. Also, each direct mailing is customized with the recipient's name, giving you a stronger relationship with your customers.

Saturation Direct Mail:

Saturate a neighborhood for maximum savings & exposure
Saturation is the strategy of flooding a zip code or carrier route with your direct mail marketing. This works especially well for local businesses, or national businesses that know they have something special to offer to a particular geographic zone.

Every Door Direct Mail:

Limited to standard mail flats only
Every Door Direct Mail is one of the best ways to reach your local customers. You no longer need a mailing list or a postage permit. With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM,) you can highlight which areas you would like to target with your message and can target each household in that area. This is a great direct marketing tool for retail stores, event promoters and other businesses. With our printing’s help you can leverage this tool for the best direct mail results possible.

Birthday Mail:

Hundreds of your neighbors celebrate their birthdays each month, and you can turn them all into your customers through our high-powered birthday program. Your targets are selected geographically to ensure that they are in your trading area. Gift cards go only to the birthday people of that month, so they are very receptive to the offer. The recipient’s name is printed on both sides, making them feel special when they recieve this in the mail. As a result, the response rate is much higher than ordinary direct mail promotions - at a very affordable cost. Our unique program can help you attract new customers to your business every month and increase loyalty with your existing customers at the same time.

Birthday Mail Service Includes:

  • Beautiful High Quality Full Color Printing
    Impress recipient with colorful, vibrant and eye-catching postcard Print on both sides.

  • Personalize
    People love to see their names. Personal is always better in direct mail. Each birthday card is special for the recipient

  • Custom Design
    We create your birthday card that best fits your business' taste by using your company logo and image to present your brand better.

  • Targeting Individuals
    We can customize your mailing customers that best match your customers' profile such as age, income, location, etc