社区媒体管理/소셜 미디어

All companies need to adapt the “new rules” of marketing. Rather than pushing messages out to your customers, engaging with your customers on an entirely different level. Which means talking directly to your customers through Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, Bing, Google Plus and other social platforms. It means giving your customers the tools to interact with your products or services however they choose. It means more conversation, more education, and less one-way communication and less sitting behind your desk waiting to take an order.

不同于印刷和电台这种传统形广告,网络媒体表现迅速,可以对完成的交易进行即可衡量,无论是互联网还是移动互联网也不受任何限制。我们的服务会使用目前在美国最有影响力的网络媒体,Facebook,Yelp,Twitter,Instagram,Bing,Google Plus等社交媒体。社区媒体可以弥补传统媒体在接触范围上的不足,充分利用互助性与互补性,使您的企业发挥综合效应和产生主题效果。